Dallas Rheumatology Practice of Scott Zashin, MD

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What We Offer

Arthritis Diagnosis and Treatment
Our practice is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of people with arthritis and related autoimmune diseases. Dr. Zashin is particularly focused on early, definitive diagnosis. Many of our patients come to Dr. Zashin because they have not had access to an effective treatment plan.

Early, aggressive treatment is essential in many rheumatologic conditions, and is a key component of Dr. Zashin’s treatment plan. Appropriate, early treatment — which may include a regimen of medication, physical therapy and/or rest — can help to preserve function and mobility, relieve or control pain, and improve the ability to perform activities of daily living. These are the foundations of effective arthritis treatment.

Second & Third Opinions
Dr. Zashin sees many arthritis patients who are seeking a second or third opinion regarding diagnosis or a treatment plan. We understand the urgency of such requests, and generally are able to schedule your visit within a week. If you wish, the results of your consultation can be forwarded to your physician, or kept confidential.

On-Site Radiology Services
Our office facilities include an in-house X-ray lab, staffed by a licensed Radiology Technician. If Dr. Zashin orders X-rays, they can be taken, developed and reviewed during your office visit. If more comprehensive film studies are needed, such as an MRI, there are imaging facilities located on the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas and Plano campuses, or you may choose another imaging center.

On-Site Lab Services
Blood and urine samples are drawn by our licensed in-house staff during your office visit. This service, in conjunction with results provided by the same high-quality laboratory, helps to ensure consistency and continuity of your lab results over time — which is an important factor in treating chronic conditions like arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

On-Site Infusion Center
Intravenous treatments, such as Remicade®, Reclast®, Orencia, and Rituximab for rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, are performed in our office by Dr. Zashin as a convenience for our patients. If more convenient, Dr. Zashin will arrange for you to go to an infusion center that you choose.

On-Site Acupuncture Therapy
A number of our patients have found that certain alternative therapies, including acupuncture, can be helpful in managing pain. Dr. Zashin offers acupuncture services in the office on Monday and Friday.

Medical Record Reviews
Medical record reviews are available for Texas residents who cannot conveniently travel to our office in Dallas. Please call us at (214) 363-2812 for details.

Food Sensitivity Testing
In some patients what they eat may be playing a role in their pain and fatigue. Because of this association, food sensitivity testing is available for those patients interested in exploring a possible link between specific foods they consume and their symptoms.

Types of Arthritis

Conditions treated by Dr. Zashin in Dallas, TX: