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Second or Third Opinions

Rheumatology Opinions

Dr. Zashin frequently sees patients seeking a Rheumatologist second opinion. While most patients who visit the office reside in North Texas, patients from around the United States as well as other countries have sought out Dr. Zashin for his opinion on their rheumatologic condition. Once the consultation is completed, some elect to follow up with Dr, Zashin to continue their care while the other patients may wish their report be sent to their treating physician or may elect to keep the information confidential. Conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis and Sjögren's Syndrome are considered chronic diseases. As a result, you will most likely have a long term relationship with your specialist.

The following guidelines can be used to determine if you would benefit from a second or third opinion:

  • Do you have a diagnosis that explains your symptoms; and if so, are you comfortable that this diagnosis is correct?
  • Is your condition improving?
  • Are you concerned about whether or not you are getting the most appropriate treatment?
  • Does your doctor listen to your concerns and not dismiss them?
  • When you contact the office with a question or issue, are your calls returned promptly?
  • Does the doctor respect your time and do his best to see you promptly for your scheduled visits?

As part of the consultation, Dr. Zashin will take your history, perform a physical examination and order any lab or radiographs that he feels would help in the diagnosis and treatment of your condition. He will contact you by phone once the testing has been completed to review your results and answer any questions. Patients should feel free to contact his office at any time a question arises.

Types of Arthritis

Conditions treated by Dr. Zashin in Dallas, TX: